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On 1st March 2012, Canon SA’s Professional Camera Services merged with the European CPS standard. This means that there is a change in the criteria required for the new tier system. Some existing SA pro service members will find that their tier level in the SA system will be reduced by the merge with the European CPS system. This is unavoidable as Canon SA must offer exactly the same level of service as Europe.

The good news is that this lower tier status will only apply when you travel overseas and require CPS service in one of the participating countries. In South Africa, through Camera Tek, your service tier on our internal system will remain the same as it was before. Any new members, however, will automatically go on to the new system.

The benefits to the merge are self-evident. You will be a member of the European organisation and will therefore reap the benefit of the service whenever you travel to one of the CPS affiliated countries. You may decide to decline the offer to join the European CPS system if you are unlikely to travel in Europe.

You can choose whether you want to apply directly on the European site for European CPS ( https://cps.canon-europe.com/), or whether you would like Canon SA to do it on your behalf.

In order to facilitate this process, we ask you to please confirm the following details and select a new password after following the link in the confirmation email sent to you:
    Full name
  Email address
  Physical / postal address
  ID number
  Telephone number
  Equipment - cameras, lenses, accessories
(It is vital that this information is filled in correctly as we will be sending it on to our European counterparts as well as sending each existing member a CPS welcome pack as a token of gratitude for your support of our local system.)

We are understandably quite excited to launch this as we will be one of the first countries outside of the European territories to do so, and the first in Africa.

Roger Machin
Product Manager PVDVC Products Canon SA


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